Mast for portable microwaves

This article describes a system of mast falling over for mobiles in microwaves. The system enables 2 functions:

  1. An easy assembly of antenna, mast in horizontal position then allows to set up the mast without too much efforts.
  2. A perfect "verticality" of the mast in rough terrain.

A mobile ladder in the horizontal plan serves as superior bearing (figure 2).

It is locked on the bars of roof ( strong model)

The mast revolves at the level of the tracting-ball (figure 6 and 7).

It is possible to remove the mast after the mobile operation.

Some remarks:

More the vehicle is high more the system is stiff.

If the bars of roof are high one can stiffen them, see figure 3

The description is made without quotations and dimensions, but allows each imagine the own system according to its possibilities and to the materials.

In my case, I used a maximum of aluminium, the mast is telescopic and, folded up, can stay in position during driving.

For lower joint,I realized an homemade universal joint but an universal joint from atomobil or other surplus should be used.To fix the joint, the simplest way is to weld it on the ball, but there is certainly better.

Particular points:

Axis B, removable axis maintained by 2 pins.

Keep enough game among axis B and pin (entretoise) as well as between the 2 arms of the ladder so as to allow slope of the mast.

Cover the pin (entretoise) in contact with the mast of gum material (it will reduce the noises)

Fix to the arms ladder two 1/2 round in synthetic material, what reduces the noises and especially allows a maximum slope with a minimum game (Figure 5).


Insert the mast (without antennae) into the bearing ladder, lock with axis B.

Loosen jaws (figure 4), then the ladder slides in 2 axes on the bars of roof.

With a level adjust the verticality of the mast.

Lock jaws.

Remove axis B and fall over the mast in horizontal position to fix the antennas.


73 F5AYE